Learning is Hard

Learning a Language is hard when up to 80% of Learning is forgotten in 48 hours... Without revision!

What is more, after one week you are more than likely to remember only 10% of what you learned in class. Imagine all that time and effort - for nothing! Learning a language can be both time-consuming and frustrating, but what is the solution?

The Solution is Memory Training

Learning English is not so hard if you revise again and again, but that takes time... Wordiser saves on time and effort! An intelligent personal memory trainer, Wordiser saves your learning, tracks your progress and prompts you when it is time to study, personally reviewing and testing your English every time you use it. What you forget... Wordiser remembers!

Using Wordiser Helps...


Personalised Learning

Study when you want, what you want

Focused Learning

Improve your pronunciation, spelling, understanding and more

Motivated Learning

Energise learning through personalised reviews and tests

Tracked Learning

Keep track of your progress and performance

Rewarded Learning

Stay motivated through challenges and rewards

Connected Learning

Connect and share with classes and your teacher




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